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Mission Statement

The Fix Her Crown Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides life skills development, and mentorship opportunities while creating a safe space for girls, teens, and women to thrive in the real world. Our foundation host meetings to empower young women to believe in themselves while following their dreams. We offer transitional housing for young women and their families to recover from life’s obstacles while providing resources for life’s essentials such as child care support, educational needs, food, and shelter.

Vision Statement

Through structured programs, focused support, and inspiring connections, we help girls, teens, and women to define and achieve their vision of success. We aim to self-reliant young women, girls, and teens confidently engaged in their community and living to their full potential, keep training new mentors who will continue supporting and mentoring girls, teens, and women in the future.

Core Values

Our distinct values are as follows.


fostering an atmosphere of safety and care where young women may develop their potential and abilities while gaining self-assurance and a good self-image.

Personal accountability:

fostering a relationship with nature and encouraging healthy choices to motivate young women to lead healthy lifestyles.


by giving young women the chance to form long-lasting networks via powerful interactions with other young women and partnerships with dependable mentors.


Maintaining a driven organization that welcomes diversity, inclusivity,

openness, and community engagement while celebrating its historical roots.


We absolutely support every member of our Circle, no matter how they want to express or identify.

LaShyra Escobosa

Founder and President

LaShyra Kaprece Escobosa is a friend, sister, and manager, but the title that is most dear to her heart is mother and wife. LaShyra is a mother of four, Kwalil, Jahmir, Isabella, and John Jr, and the wife of John Escobosa Sr. LaShyra is a true practitioner and partner at her core with the foundation of service, sisterhood, and equity. LaShyra is the Senior Property Manager at the Edge at Greentree under the leadership of YS management, a multi-family apartment complex located in Claymont, Delaware. LaShyra has been a property manager for over five years. She has devoted 90 percent of her practice to understanding residential needs, abiding by the Delaware Landlord tenant code, and creating an ecosystem of love, inclusion, and support for all children and families within the Claymont Community and beyond. Under her leadership as a manager, she has helped develop a 1000-square-foot community space inclusive of a playground, fire pit, multiple grill stations, and multimedia movie station, and a multi-million dollar renovation project to the current units.

LaShyra began serving with the Delaware Apartment Association (DAA) in the Winter of 2017. LaShyra was nominated against other Property Managers and LaShyra became the 2020 Property Manager of the Year with the Best of Delaware Awards. This award catapulted a desire for Leadership within the DAA not solely at the Edge at Greentree. Additionally, LaShyra observed the need to lend a helping and became a board member of the Board of Directors with DAA in January 2021. Within this role, LaShyra saw the need for new members and became the 2021 Membership Committee Chair. Her sole purpose was to build diversity in the organization.

Furthermore, LaShyra’s love and dedication to helping the community are exhilarating. She is the President of Lambda Kappa Omega Sorority Incorporated the Pi Chapter of Wilmington, DE. LaShyra was initiated on December 3, 2021. As a Lambda girl, Lashyra distributes hot meals to the less fortunate individuals in the City of Wilmington on a weekly basis. She created an atmosphere for others to sing and shine through Karaoke, while adopting and cleaning the Edna Dickey park in Newark, DE. She spearheads a multigenerational women’s empowerment brunch. Oversee and mentor the Lambda Crystalliates and Kappa Gamma Omega youth sorority. Her dedication to sisterhood is boundless as she is a National Youth Conference Committee member. Although, the initiative that is the most sacred is the national diaper drive campaign with the Delaware Adolescent Program Incorporated. As a teen mother, mentorship is paramount to ensuring each child and teen parent receives the care and tools to thrive as a young mother. However, LaShyra used her experiences and adversities faced in life to create a foundation where young women can find a village of support entitled “Fix her Crown” Foundation. As a natural leader, Lashyra is quick to step in, help, serve and delegate tasks accordingly to ensure all goals are accomplished.

Currently, LaShyra holds the office of Executive Secretary of the Delaware Apartment Association and longs to become a member of the Diversity and Leadership Program under the National Apartment Association. She hosts weekly movie nights and monthly community engagement activities ranging from fitness initiatives, holiday giveaways, and even a Community engagement day. Under her tutelage, the Edge at Greentree was named Renovated Community of the Year in 2022.

LaShyra continuously serves as a vessel to help and uplift others, especially alongside her sisters.

Sparkling background.

Board Members

Rosita Quinones

Board Director

Tierra Miller

Executive Secretary

Lamirah Russell-Miller

Marketing Director

Quira Parker


Renae Marshall -Robinson

Board Director

Isabella Escobosa

Youth Ambassador

Audrea Dickinson

Board Director

Nakeysha Cassidy

Board Director

Jaimie-Lee Thomas

Board Director

Shantell Cherry

Board Director

Sparkling background.

A strong support system makes things happen.


  • Emergency Services

  • Mentorship

  • Referral Services

  • Youth Development Referrals

  • Teen Mother Guidance
  • Emergency Services

  • Mentorship

  • Referral Services

  • Youth Development Referrals

  • Teen Mother Guidance


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